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In the International Year of Glass, September will be a month full of important events which will involve the entire supply chain that works with this indispensable material, but not only. In fact, it will be an opportunity for anyone to know better and celebrate the inert, resistant and recyclable material par excellence, always more present in everyday life. Using glass and promoting it means thinking about the future of people and the planet; and this year will not go unnoticed.

Appointment of primary importance: Glasstec – from 20 to 23 September, Dusseldorf – the international trade fair for all machinery and plants manufacturers of glass processing. It is precisely at Glasstec where trends that will dominate the future of glass are defined, through the strength of innovation that sets new standards in every matters. The fair is the meeting place for the world’s leading companies that present the technical developments of the sector and CUGHER will participate, as always, among the protagonist of Made in Italy engineering.
CUGHER will exclusively propose a new and ambitious project for its commercial development, involving visitors in a unique and immersive experience. Indeed, innovation also passes through the implementation of new approaches. 

Of national origin, but with international involvement, is The Italian Glass Weeks which this year brings together in a single festival the most important events dedicated to the enhancement of artistic and industrial glass. In Milan from 10th to 18th September and in Venice from 17th to 25th of the same month, to bring the main characteristics of the Italian glass supply chain to the attention of companies and consumers. A series of exhibitions, art installations, guided tours, cultural meetings, and workshops will involve the consumer and business public. Among the promoters of the event there is GIMAV, the trade association that groups together manufacturers and suppliers of machinery and equipment for glass, to which CUGHER actively participates and it is, therefore, a supporter of all initiatives. CUGHER will involve its network to participate in this festival through dedicated initiatives.

A September full of initiatives in which CUGHER will be present with all its technology, experience and enthusiasm for a sector, that of glass, always in step with the times.

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