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Screen printing is a technique that uses a frame as master. The transfer of the image on the glass occurs through the passage of the ink through the frame, due to the pressure obtained by the transcurrent movement of a bar.

Cugher, through the continuous innovation in the development of automated machines, perfected over years the technique of screen printing on flat glass. The firm obtained so a prestige role in the reference market, offering complete solutions, customized and extremely versatile for every type of production.

The high engineering of Cugher screen printing machines guarantees: 

  • Excellent image definition
  • Print repeatability: deviation of +/- 0,08 between one print and another
  • Uniformity of the ink over the entire surface of the glass (20/30 µm for automotive sector)
  • High productivity
  • High coverage

Discover our printing machines:

Cugher provides the right technological solution for the production.
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