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The Automated Harps Rack System is the ideal glass handling solution for small and medium glassworks. Symphonia is created to facilitate the loading and/or the unloading of glass sheets onto vertical production lines, such as those for insulating glass, for glass dimensions up to 3000 mm x 1500 mm (118,11” x 59.05”)

How it works

The glass, after the cutting station, is directly place by the operator on the harp following the production order. Each harp can contain up to 40 glass sheets. The loaded harp is then inserted onto a modular ground structure that automatically raises it and activates the movement. The harp moves forward through the system, unloading the glass sheet automatically one by one in sequence. Once the harp is empty, the operator moves it back to the cutting station for reloading; in the meantime the harps progressively inserted in the system continue the process. This process can be implemented inversely also for the unloading station.


  • Eliminate the need for manual loading/unloading
  • Modular automated system: it includes as many positions as the production needs of each customer
  • Customized engineering as per the available space in the warehouse and the processed glass dimensions
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