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The Series J fully automatic Silk Screen Printing Machine is composed of an entry/pre- alignment conveyor, the printing machine body and an exit synchronized conveyor. The machine has a firm structure with the printing table made by a specially treated aluminium and it is equipped with a belt transport system and an auto-centering. The J Serie is built with high quality and efficiency materials, thus the maintenance operations are extremely reduced and simplified

J Series Long Edge Leading160x100200x130215x130220x160250x160270x160
Glass max sizemm1600x10002000x13002150x13002200x16002500x16002700x1600
Glass min sizemm400x300400x300500x400500x400600x400700x400
Glass widthmm1,2÷101,2÷101,2÷101,2÷101,2÷101,2÷10
Cycle time*s121617182123

* max productivity and cycle time approximated, calculated on the maximum format and with print speed of 30m/min

J Series Short Edge Leading130x215130x250160x250200x300200x350250x350200x400250x400
Glass max sizemm1300x21501300x25001600x25002000x30002000x35002500x35002000x40002500x4000
Glass min sizemm300x400300x400400x800500x800500x800500x800500x800500x800
Glass widthmm1,2÷101,2÷101,2÷101,2÷101,2÷101,2÷101,2÷101,2÷10
Cycle time*s1718181925263540

* max productivity and cycle time approximated, calculated on the maximum format and with print speed of 30m/min

Main Features

  1. Height of working table: 950/± 25 mm.
  2. Squeegee and flood bar group:
    • transport system mounted on tempered guides.
    • pressure adjustment via proportional valves.
    • independent speed adjustment.
    • quick locking
    • rotation
    • use of both Vulkollan squeegee sides before new sharpening.
    • flood bar made of AISI 304, with side wings
  3. Extractable screen. No need of position re-registering.
  4. Automatic screen height adjustment ensuring perfect parallelism
  5. Automatic adjustment of the Peel off.
  6. Auto-learning of the printing stroke length.
  7. Number of stored recipes adjustable to the customer needs*

* (optional)

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Experts in automation and synchronization of all components.
Your trusted partner since the first phases of the contract, up to maintenance. 

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