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Cugher’s solutions for Heat Treatment


We will support you in the best way

Applications 250° 

– Aging plastics
– Softening plastics
– Drying powders and granules for molding
– Plasticizing frames (deep coating)
– Post curing seals and Viton O-ring
– Post curing seals and Silicone O -rings
– Post curing seals and EPDM O -rings
– Post curing seals and Nbr O -rings
– Vulcanization technical rubber profiles
– Aging plastics
– Softening plastics


Grande versatilità di utilizzo abbinate ad una personalizzazione molto versatile: trattamenti di prodotti in resina, materiali compositi, post-curing di prodotti in gomma, trattamento di mole abrasive e polimerizzazione di vernici dielettriche. We can define with the customer the ventilation, able to ensure the best uniformity for each treatment: O-ring, sleeves, rubber tubes and customized gaskets. All units are fully factory tested, adjusted & certified, before the shipment.

  • Temperature uniformity up to ∆T 3 °C according to DIN 17052-1 (PROCESS)
  • Completely automated temperature controls (PROCESS)
  • Air inlet openings for reliable air exchange, controlled automatically (PROCESS)
  • Safety manage and elimination of gas and volatile residues, during the thermal cycle (PROCESS)
  • Robust construction, for heavy duty cycles (SAFETY)
  • Over-temperature limiter with manual reset for thermal protection class 2 in accordance with EN 60519-2 (SAFETY)  Including floor insulation (EFFICIENCY)
  • High-quality insulation for outer temperatures of < 20 °C above room temperature (EFFICIENCY)
  • Commissioning of the furnace with test temperature uniformity measurement for the purpose of process optimization (EFFICIENCY)


  • Loading-unloading customized system.
  • Racks, trays or customized loading devices.
  • A wide range of sample loading & handling accessories controlled cooling system with frequency-controlled cooling fan.
  • Design for clean room heat treatment processes recording data, according to AMS2750-E (Nadcap) compliant applications.

Cugher provides the right solution according to customer’s needs, in terms of costs and productivity.
Experts in automation and synchronization of all components.
Your trusted partner since the first phases of the contract, up to maintenance. 

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