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Cugher’s robotic applications, essential in modern industry and true allies of humans, allow for the optimization of the production line:

  • The quality of the process improves because operations are faster, more precise, and uniform
  • Labor costs decrease compared to manual activities
  • Risks for complex and dangerous operations are reduced
  • The quality of the operator’s work increases, as they become supervisors rather than mere executors of repetitive tasks

Cugher employs anthropomorphic robots with up to 6 axes, providing great flexibility in operations by studying and designing the manipulation tool placed at the end of the robotic arm and all the surrounding handling based on the operation required by the specifications of the production line.

Cugher implements two families of solutions in its projects:

  • Robotic islands for material handling: set of machines organized within an automatic workspace, including robot manipulators controlled automatically for loading/unloading and palletizing, ensuring the continuity of operations. Productivity significantly increases through robotic islands, and each island can be quickly reconfigured if the company needs to change the type of processing
  • Robotic system combined with vision systems: The robot collaborates with the vision system, which sends real-time information to make different adjustments each time and ensure a consistent quality standard. This combination is effective when automatic handling is not always precise, while processing requires extremely accurate positioning

Cugher manages the robot’s programming code in-house, thanks to its vast experience in software programming acquired through decades of producing and configuring perfectly synchronized automated systems, even with third-party machines.

The robots can be integrated into Cugher’s screen printing line, which is a unique supplier from loading to unloading, or they can be integrated into existing systems.

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