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The flexibility to be used as a Stand-Alone printing machine or to become the heart of a full automatic printing line. 

A real solution for the high productivity demands, being, at the same time easy to use.
The machine is able to satisfy specific production needs and represents the perfect solution for huge batches and squared/rectangular glasses that have to be printed quickly and precisely.


• All the controls of the machine are positioned at the operator side
• High precision, high speed print on flat glass and on rigid materials of variable sizes and shapes
• Horizontal movement of the printing table which allows its complete extraction from the machine body
• Manual loading and easy centring

• It is possible to fine adjust the distance between the glass surface and the screen holder
• The adjustment of the Snap off is automatic
• Fine registration of the screen position on the three axes (X-Y-Z)
• Lifting of the printing head allowing an easy inspection and quick cleaning of the silk screen


Manual loading and unloading, on the operator side, with extractable printing table.


Manual loading and unloading of the glass, on the operator side, with extractable printing table. Automatic rear discharge with transport belts.


Automatic glass loading and unloading by a belt transportation system.

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