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Silk screen printing machines and line engineered and designed for Automotive Glass Makers.
For all types of Automotive glass, tempered and laminated.


  • Centering systems for strongly asymmetrical glasses.
  • Short Cycle Time (from 6 to 15 seconds)
  • Easy Maintenance & Safety
  • Quick set up and changeover time (less than 5 minutes)
  • Automatic ink thickness control
  • Recipes based on printing machines and lines for quick setup & changeover
  • Printing repeatability <+/-  0,08 mm
  • Zero clear border printing capability ( E2E System: Blade & CNC )
  • Line Supervisor and Part Tracking System

Cugher’s silk screen printing machines can be designed for short and long edge leading glass flow orientation.


Different options are available to ensure high printing quality together with high productivity:

  • Squeegee and Flood Bar rotation to speed- up Silk Screen Changing and Cleaning
  • Motorized Screen Movements
  • Anti- Drip system)
  • Pneumatic Locking of Squeegee/ Flood-Bar Group
  • Automatic Screen Registration System
  • Pneumatic Locking of the frame, Pull out of Screen for cleaning
  • Digital Proportional Valves


  • Declaration of conformity
  • Operation and maintenance manual
  • Risk Assessment
  • Technical file

Cugher provides the right solution according to customer’s needs, in terms of costs and productivity.
Experts in automation and synchronization of all components.
Your trusted partner since the first phases of the contract, up to maintenance. 

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