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Cugher’s solutions for the BUILDING & INTERIOR DESIGN industry


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  • From small to big glasses with rectangular shape – from 600×550 mm to a maximum of 2700×1600 mm
  • Frame usable for several glass dimensions with reference is on left-front side
  • Movable screen for a personalized print: the image can be printed on different parts of the glass

• Completely stand-alone machine and ready for in line operations


Version 1
Manual loading and unloading, on the same side.

Version 2
Manual loading upstream, manual unloading downstream.


Manual loading of the glass on the loading side.
Automatic rear discharge with transport belts.


Automatic glass loading and unloading by a belt transportation system.

  • The machine needs:

Loading station for manual loading

Unloading station for manual unloading

  • Ideal for interior design sector, in particular for shower enclosures 
  • Easy and safe maintenance

Cugher provides the right solution according to customer’s needs, in terms of costs and productivity.
Experts in automation and synchronization of all components.
Your trusted partner since the first phases of the contract, up to maintenance. 

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