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✓Highly specialized partner
✓ Shared know-how
✓ Customized consultancy
✓ Tailor made solutions to increase productivity
✓ Tailor made solutions to reduce costs


Become a Pro!

✓ Highly specialized partner
✓ Shared know-how
✓ Customized consultancy
✓ Tailor made solutions to increase productivity
✓ Tailor made solutions to reduce costs

As you well know, production problems arise from different parts. Moreover, when you work with a material like glass, which requires a perfect management of each production phase, with high volumes and fast cycle times, difficulties can increase exponentially.

CUGHER AUTOMOTIVE CLUB, is born from these considerations, to support and help customers through a free study of technical needs and production line’s specificities, which allow Cugher technicians to develop and suggest the most advantageous solution in terms of productivity and costs. 

Become more performing with the help of our experts

The study consists in a remote meeting with the technical-commercial Cugher department, which will listen to your issues and will suggest you how to increase the efficiency of installed Cugher machinery, sharing with you years of experience within the sector.

Only who deeply knows machinery for flat glass production and techniques of screen printing can help you to work better

Marino Bonetti

Marino Bonetti has always been Cugher Sales Manager and in the last 14 years Head of Sales in the Automotive sector. A solid background in ICT developed in more than 20 years with a strong commitment for new technologies and their applications in the specific market.

With a deep knowledge of the production processes in which Cugher technologies are integrated, he meets quickly and effectively the requirements that raise from the industry, often anticipating them.

Working side by side with the main players in the global Automotive market and being involved in the most advanced projects oriented to the application of new technologies for the development of high-tech glasses for vehicles, gave him the opportunity to study, from a privileged point of view, all project’s issues. It represented and still represents the best way to extend knowledge and competences in this specific field.

Paolo Bardotti

Paolo Bardotti Cugher’s Project Leader and Mechanical Engineering since 2006. His background in Mechanical Engineering at Politecnico of Milan allows him to perform leadership roles since the beginning, handling firsthand the production of glass screen printing plants in the automotive sector for prestigious clients.

In his work experience he has been involved in designing, assembling, installing and commissioning machines in many parts of the world. This direct commitment, together with the training activities to customers’ technicians on the use of machineries, allowed him to intercept and discover all issues that arise during different productions.

He is sure that you can claim to have been successful with a customer only if all the interlocutors you have dealt with are equally satisfied.

È convinto che si può affermare di aver avuto successo con un cliente solo se tutti gli interlocutori con cui hai avuto a che fare sono egualmente soddisfatti.


Over years we have evolved more and more, developing solutions that consider requirements in continuous development, because we know how much is important for automotive manufacturing companies to protect their investments.
We know that do not exist standard solutions and our knowledge comes from the sharing know-how of technical and production department in order to offer tailor made responses.
We want to share everything could help you to manage your production line and make your company grow. These are the founding principles of

Improve your know-how
Request a dedicated appointment, you will be contacted by Cugher to schedule a call with all your Team the day you prefer. Fill in the form even just to get more information. Join this great opportunity within the 30th of June!

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