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Among the most important companies driving the worldwide solar innovations nowadays is Cugher Glass, set to make a significant impact by showcasing its established expertise in the solar industry at Intersolar Munich from June 19th to 21st.

Cugher Glass’ expert group will be there to answer any questions you may have about the company’s technological innovations. By visiting Cugher Glass stand at Intersolar exhibition, you can find:

  • Innovative Solutions for Solar Panel Manufacturing
  • Information for its commitment to Sustainability
  • Collaboration and Partnership: Intersolar serves as a platform for collaboration and networking within the worldwide solar energy industry.

With its history of excellence in glass manufacturing, Cugher Glass is ready to bring its expertise to the solar industry. At Intersolar Munich, Cugher is planning to showcase its solutions tailored to specific needs of solar panel manufacturing.

We are looking forward to expanding and exploring new business opportunities!

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