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CUGHER participates in the project at the forefront

2022 has been declared by the United Nations Security Council the International Year of Glass (IYOG) “to underline its scientific, economic and cultural roles and celebrate several anniversaries. Glass supports many vital technologies, facilitates sustainability and a green world and enriches our lives, yet often goes unnoticed”, as mentioned in the official press releases by the President of the International Commission on Glass (ICG), which along with the Community of Glass Associations (CGA) and the International Committee for Museums and Collection of Glass (ICOM-Glass) promoted the initiative.

Glass, used since the Egyptian and Mesopotamian times as container, was commercialized in beads during the Bronze Age in Asia and Middle East. It was then used for architectonical purposes during the Roman times, until today when glass finds use from the large scale (astronomy) to the small scale (biology), going from communication systems to electronics. Sure, glass is the main information channel because the optical fibers are the cornerstone of internet; moreover it is largely used to produce our daily devices.
Glass is irreplicable, since it is an inert and hygienic material, it is the perfect container for food and medical substances, playing an essential role during the fight against this pandemic.
Today, moreover, a period in which we are extremely sensitive to environmental problems, glass is one of the most recyclable materials, because it is decarbonized during the fusion, and it can be used in different fields to reduce harmful emissions, contributing to the environmental improvement. Furthermore, glass is the basis that sustains the solar cells and it is used for the low emission claddings of new buildings.
The artists of glass have also taken consciousness of the characteristics of this great material, enhancing its beauty and its ability to capture the entire spectrum of colors.

To celebrate the International Year of Glass a series of events will take place around the world and glassmakers, producers, suppliers, research centers, museums, artistic societies and universities will be involved. The whole program is directly available for consultation in the dedicated website:

GIMAV, the association that groups the Italian machine producers and suppliers which CUGHER belongs, together with VITRUM, will actively participate to the project and will be responsible for the organization of the activities during this year, to promote the Made in Italy and to revive the firms at international level.
CUGHER will be at the forefront to sustain the initiatives, strongly believing in the whole project and in the importance of glass for our planet.

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