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Nowadays technology is one of the best allies of innovation and Cugher has decided to use it to increase the operational flexibility and improve their customers experience exclusively presenting EVA at Glasstec. The innovative plant Configurator for Extra Vision.

EVA allows to have a vision of Cugher machinery with a tridimensional prospective, thanks to an application which allows the customized configuration of a line and its directly representation in a real space through the augmented reality. 

The big advantage of the augmented reality is that it can integrate the real world with a digital/virtual one, creating a unique experience for the user. 
In fact, framing the surrounding environment with a camera’s device, the machinery previously configurated are projected in the display, in overlap with the real space. Once placed the line, it is possible to discover its details simply moving the tablet around and inside the machinery. 
EVA involves the visitor to experience an immersive feeling in Cugher’s world. 

At Glasstec you will find a space entirely dedicated to EVA that will be the stage for the different engineering solutions the company proposes in its commercial offer. 
With EVA you will get useful information on products and you could enjoy actively participating at this digital experience. 

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