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Cugher Glass was founded in 1967 focusing its business on the design and production of machines for screen printing on glass, textile, electronics and household items. Over the years, the constant development of new solutions, increasingly performing and technologically advanced, have led the Company to focus its business on the flat glass sector. From that moment on, Cugher started to hold an international role, becoming a par-excellence partner for the supply of fully automated machinery and lines for screen printing.  At present, Cugher is recognized globally as one of the most innovative manufacturing companies in its reference market and it stands out thanks to its core values

  • Reliability of its solutions as well as the ethos of its organization;
  • Shared know how and focus on client driven projects; Cugher’s clients are partners;
  • Performance and quality inherent not only to products but also to service;
  • Cutting-edge engineering and customization of products and processes that comes from listening carefully to customer’s needs.


The Automotive sector is, and has always been, the core business of the Company, which supplies highly automated and customized plants to Multinational Corporations that produce car glasses, like AGP group, Vitro, AGP E-Glass, Saint Gobain, etc.
Considering that the projects regarding screen-printing lines are complex and the engineering details are very specific, Cugher Team encourages an open dialog with its customers, effectively cooperating during the most delicate parts of the project, from the definition of specifications to the design and up to the installation.  This partnership has allowed the realization of challenging projects to handle, print ad control all glasses, from the biggest (windshields) to the smallest (vents), ensuring high productivity.
The experience gained from the Automotive sector has led the Company to work with other flat glass sectors too. Machines were specifically created for the Home Appliance industry, where fast cycle time and the quick production change over are basic characteristics. Careful and concrete listening to the needs coming from the sector has allowed Cugher to collaborate with prestigious customers, guaranteeing high quality and productivity.
Cugher’s flexibility in engineering has allowed it to satisfy the requirements of clients operating in the Building & Interior Design, often characterized by the need to manage small lots, squared shapes and variable dimensions. Moreover, the machines developed by Cugher for this type of sector offer the possibility of being used stand alone, or in-line machines, according to the different production needs of each customer, large or small.
The experience in handling glass sheets, also those with large dimensions, and the cooperation with other partner companies producing plants, has allowed Cugher to specialize further. Today the Company is capable to offer different types of handling systems, as well as robotized systems for the loading and unloading of process lines.


Cugher has been able to capture the opportunity of growth and development to sustain its business. Over the past year, just like many other Companies, Cugher faced the challenges imposed by the restrictions of Covid 19 global pandemic, innovating its working mode.
The impossibility to travel and to work on site encouraged the renewal of connection and communication methods with customers and suppliers. For instance, thanks to the innovative use of sophisticated smart glass (augmented reality) during conferences, customers can attend screen printing lines tests and verify the print quality on glass and the performances of the plant remotely.
Moreover, Cugher is increasing its presence at digital events, from conferences to exhibitions, exploiting the communication through web services, so as to be always close to its customers, also from distance.
The Company sustains and plans to strengthen this digital transformation, searching the right connection between persons and technology.


The changes that the Company is making, both in house and towards the customers, and the expansion of the business in recent years, have raised the consequent and natural need to develop a new marketing plan. Cugher intends to share the core values that distinguish it as a global leader, such the reliability of solutions and the ethics of the organization.
Cugher produces customized and cutting-edge products and the new graphic design, that supports a set of communication projects, consists of an elegant and prestigious multimedia, designed to effectively convey the excellence of the Cugher brand.
Company performance is, as always, future-oriented and this involves all functions, including marketing.

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