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Cugher participated to The 2nd China Vehicle Glazing Innovation Summit 2021, the international conference in which the most innovative technologies for Automotive glass are examined in depth.
The goal of the two-days event (22-23 April) is to give impetus to the energic glass development in the Automotive industry, whose trend is increasingly directed towards: intelligence, functionality, integration and lightness.

This year, due to the covid emergency, the event was held contemporaneously online and in-presence, with the aim to bring together the leading experts of the sector and to allow a detailed discussion on the development of consumer’s driving experience.

Marino Bonetti, Cugher Sales Manager, and Paolo Bardotti, Technical Director, presented how Cugher Glass, whose core business is the design and production of plants and machinery for flat glass screen printing for Automotive sector, is able to meet its customers’ needs, customizing each solution.

The company, in fact, since ever cooperates side by side with its prestigious clients to support them in the development and implementation of all necessary solutions to be applied to the new technologies of Automotive sector. The continuous improvement to which the company is oriented allows to innovate by following the new trends in the industry, searching the excellence of performances, with the main purpose to ensure the customer’s success.

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