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For more than 50 years Cugher has been designing and producing screen printing plants for flat glass processing, offering a wide range of solutions that cover the entire productive process, starting immediately after the cutting and washing of glass sheets, up to the phases preceding tempering and bending processes. Besides printing machines, the company provides to its customers technologically advanced systems for drying and handling glass, such as IR and UV dryers, tilt loading and unloading conveyors, flat and vertical inspection stations, rotating tables, stackers, roller and belt conveyors, corner conveyors, tilting bridge conveyors and booking stations. 


Every type of glass needs to be handled following specific proper solutions to guarantee the maximum care during its transportation along the line, so as to avoid damage and protect the material from dust. Indeed, glass shapes and sizes are parameters that define the characteristics of each single plant. For instance, automotive glass is characterized by a variable shape complexity, depending on its application type (windshield, backlite, sidelites), and by dimensions that rarely exceed 2,600mm. On the other hand, architectural and home appliance glass generally has a symmetric shape, but whilst the first have dimensions easily over 3,000mm, the second can be very small and also drilled.

Flexible engineering, guideline of Cugher’s design, allows to develop highly customized solutions. Each single machine is designed to be suited and configured in accordance with customer specifications, without having to use additional resources. The company’s high potential for customization is applied in the mechanical and electrical hardware, as well as in the software that coordinates the whole the line. 


The Internet of Thinks (IoT) is currently an essential requirement in the manufacturing industry and Cugher software perfectly integrates with other control systems, connecting all parts of the plant to enable the real-time sharing of huge quantity of data and to facilitate the control during all production phases. These features allow Cugher to respond to the prerogatives of Industry 4.0, whose goal is to have a fully automatic and interconnected industrial production. In this perspective, the development of new technologies allows to obtain a higher line flexibility, producing small lots at low costs, to reach greater productivity thanks to minor set-up time and error reduction, as well as to increment quality and reduce waste, by adopting sensors and vision systems that monitor production and its results in real time.


To achieve the described results and guarantee the reliability of each machine according to customers’ needs, Cugher refers to the best suppliers in the market, whose high-performing components ensure maximum reliability. This approach reduces the need of after-sales intervention and, in case of necessity, the close relation with selected suppliers enables to quickly respond to every issue. Engineering and production quality is reflected also in the high attention to the safety. Sure enough, right from the early design stages, the application of every single safety devices is considered, using the most innovative available technologies. Thanks to continuous investments in research and development, Cugher is recognized as one of the most innovative companies in the glass industry. The company intends to continue this way, with the main goal of offering, to different sectors operating in the glass world, a high degree of customization and automation of all line components.

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