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Glass tracking and management along the whole production line


Cugher Glass has provided more than 650 installations worldwide in 50 years. Many of its glass printing lines have been installed taking into account the whole route of the glass from the beginning to the end. In fact, even though Cugher is well known for printing machines, also within its production range are dryers and a full range of handling elements. In this way, the company is able to provide complete solutions for flat glass production plants, supplying customers with full lines, without integration problems between different equipment. Marino Bonetti reports.

There are several flat glass plants with Cugher machinery that manage different glass sizes and shapes. While the automotive sector needs a wide size range (from windscreens to small sidelites) and many different shapes (symmetrical and asymmetrical), symmetrical shapes are used mainly in the home appliance industry and in the architectural sector, glass sizes range from small to very large dimensions. Thanks to the quality of material used,

machinery maintenance activities are minimal, glass grip is guaranteed and the glass surface is protected from dust, scratches and other damage. All Cugher line elements are perfectly synchronised with each other, ensuring total control of the process, as well as high productivity levels. No matter which glass is running through the line, the company always has the correct solution for handling and all equipment is designed taking

into consideration the customer’s needs in terms of flexibility, reliability and safety. Flexibility Thanks to the wide range of handling solution in the Cugher portfolio, glass shape is never a problem. The company is able to select the right solution according to the customer’s glass models to be managed. Cugher engineers are available to study the best solution to apply together with the customer’s production managers. Every glass production plant is

Cugher provides a wide range of handling and transportation systems.

individual. It is almost impossible to find identical printing lines, as there is always something different, even inside plants of the same company. Cugher is well-known for its ability in solution customisation. Thanks to a series of possibilities provided by the company’s handling machinery, the glass route inside the plant always matches customer requirements. The expertise of Cugher engineers ensures maximum flexibility, together with all possible features engineered to avoid every kind of production shutdown. The target of each project is to meet customer needs, keeping a continuously high production level.

To produce its machinery, Cugher refers always to the best suppliers in the market in terms of mechanical, electrical and software solutions. Equipment is produced using the essential number of components and this grants maximum reliability. After sales requests are reduced to a minimum and when this occurs, Cugher’s response is always very fast thanks to the good relationship with its selected suppliers, to the accurate purchasing process and spare parts forecast system. Engineering activities are always focused to provide easy maintenance. It is easy to replace spare parts on Cugher machines and customers are provided with clear instruction and effective tools to perform printing line repairs.

The application of all possible safety tools is already considered during the design phase of all Cugher equipment. The company uses latest generation components that respond with the greatest efficiency and reliability. Therefore, in emergency situations, its machinery is able to perform all safety procedures, avoiding the eventuality of damage as much as possible. The engineering of every single element is performed together with a deep risk analysis, which allows a strong reduction of the residual risk. Moreover, Cugher provides a wide range of additional safety tools, such as guards, light barriers, radar scanners and remote controls, with dedicated software to manage all safety procedures in the most efficient way.

Using Cugher solutions, operators can work in safe conditions and according to the latest safety standards. The following equipment is included in the Cugher production range for glass handling: Roller and belt conveyors, stackers, rotating tables, tilt and tilting bridge conveyors, flat and vertical inspection conveyors, plus lift and flipover conveyors.

Cugher stackers can store 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 or 80 glass pieces.

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