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In today’s interconnected world, efficient logistics and transportation play a crucial role in global business operations. For Cugher Glass, a leading manufacturer of silk screen printing machinery, ensuring the smooth and timely delivery of its machines is significant.

Cugher highlights its dedication to global excellence by showcasing in detail its commitment to the efficient transportation and precise safe-keeping stages of its products.

Premium protection

Cugher Glass co-operates with companies that have global distribution in many countries, such as Mexico, Japan, Brazil, India and the USA. Accordingly, Cugher prioritizes not only its production, but also the protection given to its machines, particularly during packing and transportation. This requires dedication and it is one of the company’s strongest assets: ensuring that a machine arrives at its destination in the same condition as it left the factory.

This process begins by loading the container for each shipment by carefully fixing and filling every pallet on the container. All wood used is successfully certified ISPM15 and follows the relevant legislation of every country accessed by the carrier. Cugher’s packing materials include a VCI [volatile corrosion inhibitor] tarp cover and sponges. These products are distributed in every pallet and use of these sponges plays a significant role in the protection of the machines during transportation.

After the machine is fixed on the pallet with ropes, the next step is coverage with VCI wire, which serves to preserve each Cugher machine from departure to destination, whether in Europe or on a transoceanic route.

Cugher is experienced in loading special equipment trucks and containers, as well as wooden cases, which are certified and tested to withstand long journeys and to ensure the maintenance of machines until the final destination. After the cases are closed, they are coated with a protective plasma coverage to prevent any water penetration. 

Responsible manufacturer

Over the years, Cugher’s global customers have been extremely satisfied with the transportation process and facilities offered by the company, which now has a successful daily loading capacity of 3–5 containers or trucks per working day.

Cugher takes its environmental responsibility seriously by emphasising its commitment to sustainability. By leveraging intermodal transport solutions, improving packaging and reducing emissions through route optimisation, Cugher minimises its carbon footprint. The company’s dedication to green logistics resonates with environmentally-conscious customers who prioritise eco-friendly business practices.

By highlighting its efficient shipping processes, focusing on efficient material transportation and streamlined logistics, Cugher reinforces its reputation for being an environmentally-responsible global player and meeting the expectations of customers who choose to invest in its machines.

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