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Through years, Cugher focused its business on the development of automated machines and techniques of screen printing on flat glass.

Screen printing, also known as serigraphy, is a process that uses a frame as a master. The whole process of transferring the image into the desired material occurs through the passage of the ink through the frame, thanks to the movement of a squeegee bar across the frame.

Screen printing is more versatile than traditional printing techniques because different inks can be used to work with a variety of materials. For these reasons, screen printing is used in many different industries.

Cugher nowadays plays a leading role in flat glass printing market by offering complete solutions, customized and extremely versatile for every type of production.

The high engineering of Cugher screen printing machines guarantees:

  • Excellent image definition
  • Print repeatability: deviation of +/- 0,08 between one print and another
  • Uniformity of the ink over the entire surface of the glass (20/30 µm for automotive sector)
  • High productivity
  • High coverage
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