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With its high-technological machinery that’s capable of printing big and small formats alike – in any shape  –  Cugher is now recognized globally for its consolidated experience in screen printing on flat glass. Alongside Cugher’s printing machines are its dryers, handling systems and vision systems for quality control – each industry 4.0 compliant and perfectly integrated to form automatic, synchronized lines. In design and production both stand alone and turnkey plants, the company is directly responsible for the Automotive, Building & Interior Design, Home Appliance and Solar sectors. 
Yet besides it highly specialized know-how and the development of those innovative performing technologies which allow for the expansion of its wide product range, what differentiates Cugher’s customer consultancy approach from other companies?

Walking in lockstep with the customer 

From the initial phase of any project the technical-commercial team collaborates closely with the customer – identifying the correct specifications while sharing both the best knowledge and the most useful information to determine the right approach to a problem. Since no ‘default solution’ exists, every project needs to leverage years-long experience and technological ability to configure and ideal solution. Just so, the customization of every product can only come as a direct consequence of this method – with plan machinery then adapted according to the customer’s production standards. 


Open communication channels 

Continuous dialogue produces various versions of project layout until the identification of a solution can satisfy such requirements as space optimization and productivity while interfacing with components of other lines.  Here the customer is accompanied from the very first contract steps through each subsequent project phase. This extends further to guarantee constant after-sales support – all to ensure trust and ensure that the customer remains satisfied. 

Leveraging technologies to improve service 

This keeps Cugher’s customer-oriented approach in the driver’s seat for ongoing innovation and change – always aiming to offer an optimum service that’s fully in line with times. An example here is the ticketing system, introduced come year ago, by which customer assistance is quickly coordinated from the company’s help desk by a dedicated team. Smart glasses, too, were recently introduced as special devices to afford operators the freedom to remotely share views with technicians in real time – whether to conduct checks or to address machinery problems. Not only. A research center for construction solutions, Architectural LAB, was created to offer specific products that can be customized to meet every need. Lastly, EVA, Cugher’s latest plant configurator that was recently presented at Glasstec, can hardly go unmentioned. Gere, thanks to augmented realty, clients can view their ideal line by an experience of full immersion. 


A strong team 

Relying upon a team of experts means attaining new solutions to reach concrete results – all while developing fresh know-how, coupled with both the requisite effectiveness and production process efficiency. Here’s why Cugher won’t be satisfied with simply being a plant supplier. Instead it aims to be a specialized partner for every customer. 

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