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Cugher printing line layout.

Cugher Glass celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2018. Since its establishment, the company has been characterised by excellence and innovation in the design and construction of machines for screen printing on flat glass. Marino Bonetti reports.

Thanks to experience gained in the automotive sector, in recent years the Cugher management team has improved the technological process, leading the company towards a redefinition of its position in the market. Cugher focuses on the industrial

automotive, architectural and home appliance sectors, increasingly assuming the role of a supplier of turnkey systems that are characterised by a high level of automation and with the ability to guarantee excellent performance in terms of finished product quality.

Distinctive features of this repositioning are the high customisation and automation of the lines installed. Cugher has implemented significant investments in research and development to anticipate and propose appropriate solutions for complex customisation requirements received from the various markets served. The company’s engineering, mechanical and electronic departments have grown in size by more than 50% and are able to meet individual customer needs by offering high level solutions that are difficult to be proposed by other suppliers. Cugher presents innovative technologies that are oriented to problem solving, considering that each reference market has different specific needs,

not only regarding the quality of the finished product but also for the optimisation of production costs. The parameters used during the design phase to define a customised line are mainly the cycle time and the quality of finished product. In fact, the production of the various application sectors for which Cugher’s solutions are designed require different levels of these two benchmarks and the company can fully meet the specific requests of customers. Printing machines, automation and process control systems, IR and UV dryers, handling and storage technologies, automatic vision systems, glass and printing quality control systems constitute the technological panorama that Cugher can offer the market.

Recently established business partnerships with key players in the field of glass processing have strengthened Cugher’s position in the market. Today, thanks to these partnerships, the company is able to provide complete turnkey lines for screen printing on glass. The last Vitrum exhibition in Milan provided a valuable opportunity to showcase a dedicated home appliance line, covering phases from washing to hardening, via the printing process. Demonstrations were repeated every hour during the show, providing visitors the opportunity to personally verify the excellence of these technologies.

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