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Cugher glass philosophy of flexibility and attention generates the ability and know-how to produce highly customized printing plants for glass.

Cugher Glass designs, manufactures and sells turnkey plants for glass screen printing that can be highly customized and with a high innovation and automation content. This year Cugher celebrates half a century of activity. The main reference fields of the company, which is based in Novate Milanese (Milan) are automotive, home appliance and architectural.

Cugher’s product range can provide total coverage of the production cycle, starting from the phases immediately after the cutting and washing of the glass sheets, up to the phases preceding the hardening or curvature process. The solutions implemented by Cugher are intended for glass handling, printing and drying, guaranteeing all the intermediate phases

of management through its own technologies or those of high quality partners, from controlling to inspection and storage of glass. Thanks to recently signed agreements with leading players in the glass field, Cugher nowadays is known as a single supplier of complete lines, including washing machines, hardening furnaces and robot handling systems.


The company develops customized lines by applying ad-hoc solutions, always keeping in mind that every customer and as well as its needs and technical production requirements, is unique. Cugher responds in an effective way

through Flexible Engineering, which is the theme that guides the supply of a printing line. In fact, in the technical design phase, every single component of the line is conceived so that it can be customized and configured according to the contract specifications without the need of using excessive resources. The high potential for customization can be seen clearly in the mechanical and electrical hardware as well as software of the supplied plants: in fact, not only the printing machines, the configuration of the glass handling and management system and the dryers are customized, but also the software that drives the system.

High productivity and production flexibility Cugher’s plants guarantee high productivity and production flexibility performances: for example, cycle times less than 12 seconds; size change in less than 10 minutes; thanks to the automation of the inspection and control phases, machine downtime is reduced to a minimum; the inspection and control systems together with the innovative solutions for automatic centering and pre-centering of the glass, guarantee a considerable reduction of scraps and very high printing precision; the refined ergonomics of Cugher’s systems allow very easy maintenance. Cugher software integrates with the other control and drive systems by connecting all the parts of a line. In this way, Cugher’s solutions are in line with the protocols of the 4.0 industry, that impose the highest automation and interconnectivity standards of the various production phases. IoT is an essential requirement of current industrial production:

Commercial policies Flexible Engineering also guides the commercial policies of the Sales Team whose consolidated attitude is that of listening and accepting each individual customer’s own requests. Right from the beginning of negotiations, Cugher employs important resources to respond with innovative and outlined solutions to the specific needs of the customer. In the following steps, the technical details of each request are gradually deeper analyzed. When the negotiations are successfully completed, a kick-off meeting is held in order to finalize the technical specifications of the line to be installed. SYNERGY THAT LEADS TO MAJOR GROWTH This proactive attitude in synergy with the skills of an engineering team of the highest level, has generated a major growth in terms of process know-how that very few other players of this industry sector can

boast. Every single request generates a technological response that consolidates and increases the know-how process so that Cugher can respond more effectively to every different request. A virtuous circle that we often find in Made in Italy: a distinctive feature of an industry that has always been ready to take new paths in searching solutions that respond and sometimes anticipate the demands from the market. Cugher is part of this industrial panorama: in the field of screen printing on glass, thanks in particular to the driving force given by the automotive sector, today the company holds the role of undisputed holder of innovation.

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