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The glass industry is increasingly oriented towards automation, both to raise speed and to guarantee greater safety for the operator. Cugher introduces the latest software developments on its screen printing equipments, which have lead to an increase in productivity, quality, speed and safety.


Productivity, quality and of course resource optimization: these are the focus to compete in the international

The market, with 4.0 industry goal much closer and touchable, looks for suppliers able to grant excellent targets, minimize costs and squeeze response time. Cugher is specialized in turnkey solutions for screen

printing lines for the automotive, architectural and home appliance sectors, supplying a wide range of integrated solutions for process control and automation (automatic vision systems for glass and print quality control), for glass

handling and stacking, as well as glass drying. The company of Novate Milanese, which turns 50 this year, can satisfy the most advanced needs. Over the past years, the continuous research of the best technical solutions has

given in excellent results in line automation software, vision systems and in after sale service. LINE AUTOMATION SOFTWARE
Dedicated software (PLC/ HMI System), expressly realized to manage this line, allows total control of the line and carries out part tracking, managing all possible emergency situations. Adequate line control panels enable the operators to control the printing and drying areas, as well as the handling line. The main panel shows a graphical view of the exact positions of the glasses on the handling line

(parts suptracking system), giving the operators a perfect idea of the line situation and the capability to manage all the situations. The software also enables to automate glass format changeover thanks to the possibility to store thousands of different recipes for different glass models. Remote Control Panel The remote control panel is now available in a new version, and helps the operator in all printing machine settings operations, enabling him to stay close to the machine in completely safe conditions, thanks to the ‘dead man’ system which locks all machine

movements in the case of an emergency. All parameters inside recipes The possibility to store up to 200 different recipes (thousands with line supervisor usage) and to manage them from the operator panel, allow the automatic settings of the printing machine, reducing set up time and human errors. Quick changeover operations result in productivity optimization when the glass model changes, a very useful tool for many companies. Remote support Cugher technicians can immediately intervene in the case of technical

port needs thanks to the remote connection, providing immediate problem solving and reducing shutdown time, thus saving productivity. All machine parameters: speed, pressure, glass centring and every available function can be set. Moreover, machine software can also be upgraded. The connection is totally safe, and no sensitive information is shared during connection. Production and predictive maintenance data Besides the remote support, Cugher is also developing a printing line predictive maintenance software, which compares

real usage data with standard maintenance activities (greasing, IR/UV lamp replacing, filter cleaning or replacing, bels and carpet tensioning), and anticipates all maintenance needs, optimizing productivity and reducing line down time. VISION SYSTEMS FOR OPERATOR SUPPORT
Online Automatic Print
Quality Control System
The Automatic Print Quality Control System, with a resolution up to 60μm for 1,000mm glasses and 122 μm for 2,000mm glasses (on leading long edges), is able to verify the quality of the design up to a circular

dot of 0.09 mm2 and recognize any ‘slavering’ or ‘widening’ of the design details due to excess ink coming from the screen. The system is able to detect fade out dots, pin holes, or if there are missing parts of the design, and alert the operator to verify the possible cause (e.g. lack of ink, dried ink on the screen, etc.). The information provided by the system enables automatic setting of the printing machine to clear the detected defects, without affecting cycle time.
Automatic Inspection of Glass Quality
This system, typically installed downstream from the washing machine, is able to scan the whole glass and detect any defect present on the raw glass. The extremely high sensibility and the exclusive lightning system, enable to identify any scratches (even very light ones), shell chips, bad edgeworks, seeds, stones, adhesion chips and other surface defects. This system also integrates perfectly in the production line, optimizing it without any time impact. Automatic Screen Registration System The automatic screen registration system automatically performs very quick screen alignment. Thanks

to this system, the only human activity is the screen insertion, reducing he machine set up time at every screen changeover, reducing human errors and granting very high quality starting from the first printed glass. Broken Screen Detection Unit This system detects the presence of ink spots on the lower surface of the glasses coming out from the printing machine, also detecting smaller screen breakages. The latest software and hardware upgrades provide real time adaptation to white roll waring, resulting in less frequent cleaning operations, reducing maintenance time. The system control panel allows to: Zoom on the detected image, Set all parameters directly from the operator panel 3D SPARE PARTS MANAGEMENT: SPAREVIEW This interactive system provided with Cugher lines enables to look at each line

element in detail, providing three-dimensional drawings with each single part of the machines, helping maintenance personnel in part replacing activities. Moreover, it allows to directly order spare parts; saving time and reducing human errors. The orders created through the system are automatically delivered to Cugher and processed in a very short time. The integrated system installed on Cugher lines, together with the high technology used in the printing machines, improves the printing line automation level and the continuous monitoring of the productivity.

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