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“In our Architectural Lab there is an R&D team specialized in construction and interior design.” 

Milan, 12/05/2022 – Customized plants and machineries for buildings and interior design in flat glass: this is the latest challenge taken up by Cugher. The company, specialized in customized solutions for flat glass screen printing and leader in the automotive sector, has broaden its offer also to the architectural sector.

“With the Building & Interior Design division – says Barbara Mazza, Managing Director of Cugher – we have applied our flexible engineering approach to a new reality, integrating our team with a highly specialized research and development center in the creation of specific solutions for the construction and interior design sector. It is our Architectural Lab, in which we design high-precision and long-lasting solutions, like all Cugher concepts”.

The solutions designed by Cugher Building & Interior Design division include machinery, systems and entire production lines, with a range of products that go from screen printing to the handling of float, tempered and laminated glass and the drying of digital and screen printing. To this are added vision systems for quality control and an order manager in line with Industry 4.0.

“Our solutions – explains the Managing Director of Cugher – embrace a wide range of civil and industrial applications, from windows and balconies to shower enclosures and furnishing accessories. Based on customer’s needs, we can create different systems suitable for printing on glass, up to the Jumbo format and moving them in all directions, regardless of the shape and size of the glass “.

“For those  who  work  with  flat  glass – concludes Barbara Mazza – the personalization of plants is essential to optimize the work spaces and minimize the risk of damage in every process. Cugher’s experience in the automotive industry allows us to create tailor made systems and to ensure excellent performance in terms of precision and reliability of machinery. We  offer  companies  a  first  study  of  their specificities  and technical  needs  free  of  charge  precisely  because  we  are  sure  we  can  always  develop  the  best  solution  for  them “.

Cugher was born in Italy in the 1960s. Thanks to the continuous investments in technology and research that the company has made since its creation, Cugher plants were among the first in the world to automate the screen printing process on flat glass.

Since the 2000s, Cugher’s core business has been the construction of lines for the automotive sector, which have made the company an internationally recognized player of excellence. At its headquarters in Novate Milanese (MI), Cugher applies its expertise to different sectors, with the Building & Interior Design, Home appliance, Solar and Oven & Dryer divisions.

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