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One of the features that Cugher Glass has prioritized over the years is being well-informed with the latest technology, therefore the company always choose to develop its knowledge by participating in conferences, fairs and B2B events related to flat glass industry, which are being held in all over the world. Cugher philosophy has always consisted in interacting with the most specialized experts by discussing the challenges of manufacturing faced each year.

The main Cugher purpose of participation in these international meetings, is not only being aware of the innovations occurring in the market but also revealing the contribution in this industry, on a global scale. What Cugher has always wanted to show to glass industry audience are the factors that characterize and differentiate screen printing from other solutions, always focusing on the quality and quantity of production that this kind of technology offers and what is more important by analyzing carefully ‘the valuable contribution that screen printing delivers to the industry.’  

For these reasons Cugher, strong in it experience in screen printing machinery production, is pleased to announce that its participation to Glassprint Conference, which is going to take place on April 25-26 in Dusseldorf, Germany. Glassprint is one of the largest conferences in Europe, which is completely dedicated to glass decoration. Cugher Glass is going to participate in this well-known conference represented by its Sales Manager Mr. Marino Bonetti, in cooperation with Saati, trusted partner and manufacturer of meshes, chemicals and CTS to make stencils.

During their speech, Cugher and Saati will give an in-depth analysis, based on field studies and a strong experience, regarding: ‘Screen printing precision and quality: Why standardization is the long-term key.’

Standardization consists in the process of developing and commanding standards-based and repetitive technologies processes within a given industry. Standards for screen printing technologies, effects in the quality and precision of production and ensure their repeatability over time. Standardize processes during glass screen printing guarantee the improvement of operational performance, cost reduction through decreased process errors and profiting from expert’s knowledge by avoiding unpleasant surprises in production. This can be reached using defined parameters applied both in the creation of the frame and in the engineering of printing machine. Combining the action between frame and printing machine guarantees long-term results. Indeed, adjusting specific parameters of printing machine, such as off contact, peel off, pression – speed – angle of squeegee and flood bar allow to best use the previously prepared frame, produced considering different processes as the choice of mesh in combination with the right emulsions, the tensioning and the frame positioning. 

To achieve a precise screen printing on glass all the steps that lead to this result must be repeatable and controlled. Further details will be presented by Cugher and Saati during Glassprint 2023. Both companies are delighted to invite experts of flat glass sector to further discuss this theme. 

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