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The adoption of sustainable practices to preserve the Earth’s ecosystem is fully embraced by Cugher. Indeed, the company is evolving its practices to contribute for limiting the impact on the environment and for guaranteeing a greener future.

The company is aware that the production of machinery, such as silk screen-printing machines, dryers and handling for flat glass have impacts on the environment, related to various factors such as materials, processes and the level of energy consumption. For instance, the use of silk screen printing machines, especially of those focused on mass production, requires a very high energy consumption. Moreover, during the process of their production, the disposal of waste, such as different materials used during production, could contribute negatively to landfill waste and therefore to environmental pollution if not careful recycled. The approach used during machinery production definitely contributes to increase or reduce those kinds of problems. 

To minimize the negative impacts on the environment Cugher Glass adopts a series of solutions with the main purpose of protecting the ecosystem during machine production. It is extremely important to use environmentally sustainable materials, to have proper waste disposal practices and an essential focus is the adoption of energy efficient production techniques.

The company gives a great importance to the use of ecological paints, during the process of painting for each machine which is being produced, by placing emphasis on the use of low-VOC paints that are based on natural materials such as water, which are biodegradable and non-toxic. These paints do not contain harmful chemicals that could pollute the environment or harm the health of workers and they comply with all legislation and regulations of health, safety and environment specific to substances and their mixture. 

Another important point for Cugher consists in always choosing suppliers who prioritize environmental sustainability in their production processes. Among other things, purchasing department takes also into consideration environmental certification during their selection.

One of the most important factors is the energy saving option for Cugher’s machinery. This option favors energy saving in case a stop occurs during the process of printing – even in seconds, for various reasons; the machine automatically switches to energy saving mode. Indeed, all the machinery are designed to be energy efficient, this means that do not emit fumes/gases in the environment and help preserving natural resources.

Although it seems cliché, proper waste disposal is another important component. Cugher handles carefully waste disposal techniques, to prevent pollution. This ensures that waste materials are disposed properly and in accordance with current regulations.

Companies like Cugher can protect the ecological system through the combination of various approaches: by using ecological materials, by having energy saving options, by recycling and ensuring the proper disposal of waste. All these features are now integral part of Cugher’s production soul and the attention to more sustainable solutions are always in the company’s target.

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