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With several visits to some Gimav associated companies, from November 30th to December 2nd , it was held the final stage of the Italian Technology Awards, a contest organized by ICE agency – the National Institute for Foreign Trade – in cooperation with Gimav. The constest involved students of the most prestigious American universities and training institutions, rewarding the best papers on the topic of production technologies dedicated to glass. Winners have been rewarded with one week study trip in our country.

Cugher Glass has enthusiastically joined the initiative by opening its facilities doors to foreign students: Cugher commercial and technical staff was available to guide students through the Company, showing the technological production contents and thus contributing  to consolidate in future managers minds the scenario of excellence which is always present in the made in Italy production.

Cristiano Ferrario, Cugher Glass Sales Account, who was with the students, describes the experience this way:

The guys, as well as their teacher, were very interested and curious to find out who is Cugher, and especially what it does.

An introduction of the company was shown, including historical, organizational and geographical background (i.e. in which countries we are present), and then we focused on the three core market sectors about screen printing on glass, the various market demands have been shown , as well as our Customers’ needs and the high customization to be applied on almost every machine. Printing machines range was shown, with the main features and differences. There was also a hint on other Cugher products (dryers, handling elements, vision systems).

 We talked about the various technologies related to the world of glass; laminated, tempered, curved, flexible glass  etc, and how Cugher machines can deal with those technologies, and how it is difficult to print on very small, thin or curved glasses.

Finally we visited the company: production plant, where some machines were shown, both new and rather dated, and the various technologies that are on board.

 Technical Department, where the drawing program and mechanical design has been shown, as well as the overall process which covers the activities from order confirmation to the installation.

 In general it was a very positive day, the guys seemed very pleased with the visit.

Ms. Barbara Mazza, CEO of Cugher Glass, commented on the initiative:

With great pleasure, we have spent our time in the contest organized by ICE. The academic and international aspect of the initiative reminds us how technology, training and internationalization are the basis of the competitiveness of Italian small and medium enterprises. Distinctive features in which we in Cugher strongly believe.

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