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The agreements that definitively consolidate the partnership between Iocco and CUGHER were finalized in these days. These two well-known Italian companies are integrating their activities to provide the global glass sector with new and important production resources.

Iocco is specialized in ultra high-tech machines and systems for the production and transport of glass for diverse applications, with particular focus on the

Automotive, Home appliance and float sectors. Starting right from the design stage and consultancy up to the construction and machine set-up, Iocco creates plants and automation for added value operations, lamination, de-airing furnaces (bag furnaces and ring furnaces) as well as diverse types of process automation using robots, artificial vision and specific handling, for both flat and curved glass Cugher has, for over 40 years, been designing and building machines and plants for screen printing on flat glass, including process automation and control, IR and UV drying ovens used for printing, transport and storage. Automatic vision and quality control systems for glass and printing, with the highest level of technology, are part of Cugher’s product range, guaranteeing the highest levels of production to its customers.

The Partnership

The synergy between the two companies and the recent agreement are based on important core values shared by both companies that have characterized their industrial history up to now, such as:

  • continuous investments in research and development that enable them to be present on the market with highly reliable and avantgarde products;
  • careful attention to clients and their needs, enabling them to consolidate business relationships and to be ever more present in responding to market needs and demands, also being able to anticipate these same needs;
  • the construction of machines and plants able to guarantee the highest quality levels of finished products, with intense consideration on production optimization

Automotive: Turn key solution

With regards to automotive sector, the integration of the companies’ consolidate skills and experience gained over the years, along with their collaboration with some of the most important players of the sector, will enable to supply turnkey plants.

At the same time, in the home appliance sector, Cugher and Iocco cooperation will be significant for the construction of complete plants, both for small and large-sized productions.

Perfect Integration

Cugher machines will integrate with complete lines from Iocco, interposing downstream of the of the glass washing phase and upstream of the bending and tempering processes. All phases regarding control and analysis of glass are thus covered, along with decorative and/or functional printing such as for antennas, heaters, sensors, cameras contacts etc.

The cooperation between Cugher and Iocco will result in great benefits, both on the technical and commercial side. An example is fact that the lines can be equipped with components common to both companies, and customers will therefore have the important advantage of optimizing their spare parts stock. In addition, the use of identical automation systems will allow to standardize user interfaces and simplify their use. In this way learning times will shorten. This ensures considerable savings in terms of maintenance costs and costs for technical staff. The exchange of data between Cugher and Iocco lines will take place simply and functionally to optimize the production process. In the medium- to long term, and in accordance with the specific commercial agreements, technical staff of both companies will work together to develop common skills. Cugher technicians will be able to collaborate during installation, working on Iocco lines and vice versa.


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