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Since 2020, the year of its born, the Help Desk Service has become one of the focal activities of Cugher Glass. The company has always been well aware that a project doesn’t end when commissioning of the plant takes place; in fact the continuous assistance has a very precious role in defining the success of customer’s relationship over time. This consciousness was the main reason that led Cugher to renew its assistance service, founding Help Desk department and strengthening it year over year.

The Help Desk service is composed by a dedicated team of experts, who work in the industry of flat glass since years, and they are able to assist customers every time a problem on machine or line occurs. This can be done thanks to a defined organization and using customized technologies. In fact, each client can benefit on:

  • Dedicated number and e-mail
  • Hot line available from Monday to Saturday (7 AM – 12 PM)
  • Ticketing system to track all requests
  • On site assistance, if needed

The online ticketing systems is the tool that maintain a continuous dialogue over time between customer and Cugher Help Desk team. Each client has its proper credential to access the portal and the system collects all requests, which can be detailed and exhaustive, creating the history of all assistances: no information is loss.

Every assistance can be solved through a remote connection or, if necessary, on site in very short time to not lose time during production. During the intervention on site, Cugher operator can take advantage from the use of smart glasses, which allows to work freely and to share the view by remote with another technician in real-time, ensuring the collaboration of all Cugher experts when necessary.

The Cugher commercial department has elaborated different proposals to access Help Desk service, according to customer preferences, indeed customization in one of strongest company’s characteristics. 
Among these options, there is the chance to have a maintenance contract defined on the specific features of customer’s line. This type of service is designed to ensure a continuous production without interruption due to long downtime machine faults. Besides of previously listed benefit, the maintenance contract includes scheduled visits for preventive maintenance made by expert technicians who can also provide suggestion to exploit the capability of machinery considering newest clients’ requirement. 

Help Desk system works closely with Cugher’s most consolidated Service system related on spare parts management. Cugher has established its approach with customers like a consultancy relationship and the commitment to reinforce its assistance service is to pursue this goal: build trust over time. 

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