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Complex Windshileds line easy to use

Complex Windshileds line easy to use

Printing machines3x Series G 130x200L
Dryers3 x IR 4 hot modules + 3 cold modules+ Chiller Units
Special equipment: 3 Axis Control Edge to Edge System Broken Screen Detection Unit, Automatic Asymmetrical Centering System, Automatic Screen Alignment, Vertical Inspection Unit, 5 Pressurized Stackers, Flip Over Conveyor, Part Tracking System.
Total positions59
Customer requirementsThe project in this case was to realize a complete automated line for the production of Windshields. The customer had a particular request to engineer a line that could be operated also by less skilled workers. Nevertheless the machine had to be able to grant a very high precision since the customer had to produce for the OEM market. Within theirs clients there are major players such as Volkswagen, Chrysler, Audi, Fiat and other companies demanding high standards.

Supply description

The line was engineered to print Windshields and it was composed by two branches: North and South.

On the north branch were processed all the glasses that require a double print process (silver & black band).

The printing machines were working with a Recipes System Technology which allowed quick setup and change over.

Once all  production parameters of a given glass model  were set into a recipe, the machine would set up in automatic. There were very few settings to be carried out manually, so particularly skilled operators were not indispensable. In this way the high quality of the end product was secured, regardless of the operator’s experience. This system was able to ensure an uniformity of quality throughout all production shifts.

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