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Cugher Glass’ technologies for screen printing on flat glass and sheet handling serve the production needs of large and small manufacturing firms across the world. The Italy-based company offers customised solutions that can synch perfectly with each component of the line and support fully-automatic operation, where required.

Knowledge is key

For technicians and operators in the silk screen printing industry to understand how the machinery involved works, and how to extract its full potential, proper training is essential. Thorough knowledge of the various components and mechanisms is also crucial to ensure employee safety and to prevent accidents.

Cugher’s technicians are well-trained in the accurate installation and maintenance of silk screen printing machines, thereby ensuring reduced downtime/disruptions, and leading to

stronger customer satisfaction. Over the years, the machines continue work as expected, resulting in fewer complaints and after-sales claims.

Thorough tuition

Once installation and testing of the line has been completed, Cugher’s technicians implement a training and support process to assist the customer with independent use of the machinery. Instruction encompasses three areas: mechanical, electrical and software. Training is usually provided to the personnel who are going to be responsible for the functionality and production processes of the plant: line operators, software engineers, electrical and mechanical technicians.

During training, the following essential elements are covered:

  • Machine functionality, which includes the primary phases of its use.
  • Safety procedures – proper handling of chemicals, inks and equipment to prevent accidents.
  • Printing techniques – screen positioning; correct squeegee pressure and angle; printing speed and consistency.
  • Clean-up and maintenance – explaining the procedures for cleaning the screens, squeegees and other equipment after printing.
  • Machine maintenance.

Above and beyond

Of course, during the training and support procedures, various problems may be encountered. Everything depends on the type of machine. Some are quite simple to use, but there are also large and complex production lines that require specific and detailed tuition. Over the years, Cugher Glass technicians have accrued the expertise to ensure the effectiveness of their comprehensive instruction.

An important feature that differentiates Cugher’s training and support from standard protocols is the assistance given to the customer until the machine is in its first stages of production. This means that the customer is ‘followed’ until the release of the final product, guaranteeing the desired result in terms of productivity, time and precision.

Cugher’s presence doesn’t end when commission takes place; its technicians are always available to provide highly-qualified support and training via the Help Desk Service. 

To avoid any problems or machinery downtime, Cugher suggests scheduling periodic maintenance, during which a technician can provide training updates and suggest more efficient solutions for any production issues.

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