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The flat glass manufacturing industry in the automotive, railway, nautical and aviation sectors is competitive, highly technological and dynamic. Each client has different production needs such as glass type and format, processing and cycle time. These are only the basic requirements of the companies that operate in the automotive, railway transport and the marine industry with which we collaborate. Today the glass is able to provide added value to all these sectors. Apart from being essential for safety, comfort, functionality and aesthetics, the glass is becoming an interactive display with vast potential. Cugher takes part in this continuously evolving world of innovation and technology that often creates new styles and trends. Thanks to our experience, flexibility and dedication we create unique solutions to satisfy the sector “musts”:

Main technical requirements:

  • Automation => Fully automated printing process
  • Speed => Short cycle time
  • Centering => Asymmetrical glass and various formats
  • Precision => Print Repeatability
  • Performance => Line Reliability
  • Maintenance=> Ergonomics and spare parts availability
  • Support=> Attention to customer care

We design and manufacture any type of machinery for screen printing on flat glass for the automotive, railway, nautical and aviation industry:

  • Automatic screen printing machines with belt or shuttletransport system
  • IR, UV or combi IR/UV dryers
  • Transport and handling
  • Quality control systems
  • Special systems Edge to Edge printing and double glass print
  • Proprietary software

The screen printing machines for flat glass

Cugher offers two types of technologically advanced screen printers, created with the aim to satisfy the requirements of the automotive glass fabricators, the Series G and the Series J. The Series G is the ideal solution for screen printing production processes that require a high level of automation, high-volume production, rapid set-up, easy size change and extreme printing precision. Our models correspond to the international standards for windshields, backlites, sidelites, rooftop and vents. All machines are customizable. The Series J is designed for printing on large glass formats, drilled glass and heavy glass. It is also available in standard automotive formats. The machine is suitable for medium to high production volumes. Thanks to its modular design it provides maximum flexibility and accessibility. All machines are customizable. Our machines are the result of years of experience, R&D, design, engineering and field testing. The close partnership with our clients gives us the possibility to improve our products and service constantly and to guarantee the unmatched performance of our printing lines. Each new machine is subject to FAT (factory acceptance test) in the presence of the client.

Some performance indicators:

  • Machine downtime: <0.5% of production process time, three shifts (24 hours).
  • Printing Repeatability: mm +/- 00:08
  • Centering accuracy: +/-0.1mm
  • Production Changeover 10-15 min

* depends on the machine options and process set up

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